Monday, November 26, 2007

My first real sale!

I was invited to show my bears at a Christmas Boutique at my local quilt/bead shop. I was so excited to be invited so I got to work and had 8 bears ready for the Boutique which ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. Along with me and my bears, there were 11 others who had beautiful quilts, wearable art, and a variety of hand-crafted jewelry. Everyone had a great Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were slower. Since this was my first "show," I'd prepared myself not to expect too much. This was the first time anything other than quilts and jewelry was shown and many people didn't even look at the bears.

Nevertheless, Friday was a great day for me. I sold 5 bears. Lei Lei was adopted first. The lady loved that he had an attitude about him. She even came back to the show on Sunday to talk with me about him. The second lady adopted FOUR of my bears. I was overwhelmed! Allyn said I should just say I sold 5 bears because that sounds better than saying I only had two customers. But, hey, I was thrilled that someone would want four at the same time. So I'm a happy camper.





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