Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long Overdue Reunion Update

Thanks to everyone who wrote me a note of interest about my reunion. I suffered a little post-reunion depression when I got home and realized how much I miss my hometown friends. It was like the years hadn't passed at all.

Judi, me, Patty, Toni

It was an outside event at a ranch belonging to a school friend, though not in our class. Even though it was miserably hot that evening, everyone said it was the most fun they've had and a reunion, and I thought so, too.
Friday evening after we arrived at the hotel, Judi and I opened a bottle of wine and invited some classmates staying in the hotel to our room for just catching up. She thought my hair style was doing nothing for me and she brought out the scissors and I told her to have at it. I didn't see what she was doing until she finished but I loved it...thought it made me look younger.

Unfortunately, I went off and left my camera in the room so I've had to depend on others sharing their photos.

And just for fun, the four of us at the last reunion I attended, 1994, the 30-year.
Darlene, Toni, Linda, me

And, to show you what I looked like before Judi cut my hair...what do you think?
And I'm already looking forward to the next one in 2014.