Friday, December 14, 2007

Yikes! I've been tagged!

My friend, Ellen, of the very generous speculaasplank give-away, tagged me this morning. I am supposed to come up with five things that aren't normally known about me and then tag five other friends. This game of tag is a great way of getting more people to visit our blogs, it gives us all a sort of community feel and introduces us to blogs we may not have otherwise found.

Okay, so let me give this some thought...

  1. I hate my toes! I have short, chubby toes and I hate them! I didn't wear a pair of sandals until I was over 50 because growing up my mother and sisters always made fun of my toes.
  2. I have trouble letting go of things. I've saved Christmas cards every year since we were married (1971), all neatly packaged in zip lock baggies.
  3. I'm an avid reader. I love books and I read every night before bed and probably read 8 to 10 books a month. I love humorous novels, psychological thrillers, murder mysteries and series novels where I can get to know the characters from book to book and can't wait til the next book is published.
  4. I would love to be more productive, creative, talented, organized, and, my husband would add, a better housekeeper.
  5. I won a baby beauty contest when I was 3 months old and received a trophy and a little silk cape and crown.

So now it's my turn to tag five others so You Are It:

Charlotte of Charlotte's Creative Web

Lynette of Fred-I-Bears

Penney of Seamore Collectibles who was my recent swap partner so if you've read my blog, you know one thing about her already.

Shantell of Apple Dumpling Bears

Pauline of Valewood Bears

I've tried to get those artists who haven't been recently tagged or who haven't posted for a while so get busy and tell us about yourselves and then tag five other favorite bloggers.

The rules are:

  • Share 5 random facts about yourself on your blog
  • Link to your tagger (that's me!) in your "random fact" post
  • Include these rules in your post
  • Tag 5 people by including both their names and links to their blogs in your post
  • Let those you've tagged know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

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