Saturday, April 19, 2008

Meet Maisie

I'm so excited to introduce Maisie, our new Scottish Terrier. We just picked her up yesterday and we just love her to death. I told you about losing two of our Scottie girls over the Christmas Holidays and how unexpected and sad it was for us losing two at the same time. Well, Harley has been an only pup for several months now, and he's become quite used to being the center of attention. He hasn't warmed up to Maisie just yet, but he will come around. She tries so much to play with him, but he's still just a little miffed that we'd dare bring in a new puppy.

Maisie is a wheaten Scottie and the smallest of a litter of seven, which is a pretty large litter for Scotties. She's absolutely beautiful and a very light color. She was born on January 4 so she's just about 15 weeks.

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