Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Harley and Maisie

Emma, Harley, Hugo and Tulie
We lost our little Scottie boy in November. Harley was the last of four Scotties that we had all at the same time. Harley would have been eleven years old on December 12. He was our very, very loving little boy and we miss him terribly.

We're very grateful that we brought Maisie into our family last spring. She's our only pup at this time and she is such a cute little girl. Her personality is very much like the other four in many ways, and yet she is also very different. She makes us laugh and she's eased the loss of Harley.

We were recently able to get a good photo of Maisie within minutes after her grooming. She'll be one year old on January 4, and we love her to death.


julietk said...

I am sorry to read about your Dog but it is nice to see that you still have some gorgeous Dogs to love. Merry Xmas Juliet

Laura Lynn said...

Oh Marlys I am so sorry about Harley!! I know that Maisie will be getting lots of extra hugs and kisses. My neighbors who lost their Scottie in the fire this spring just got another Scottie last week! She's a sweet black girl named Lucy. She's 18 months old from Scotty Rescue. I know she's helping to heal their hearts :)