Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Empty Nest...again

Bright and early this morning I gave my 26-year-old baby boy and hug and a kiss and sent him on his way to the University of Maryland. Everyone was up early today, by 3:30 am, so Allyn could get him to the airport in time to make his 6 am flight. He'll be at UMD for the next five years working toward a Ph.D. in Sociology.

I got a call from him just minutes before 1 pm letting me know his flight landed safely, he was heading to baggage, and he would be taking a long nap once he reached his hotel. His apartment will be available tomorrow, but when his furniture will arrive is anybody's guess.

He had an hour lay-over in Denver and said his flight out was delayed, but they arrived on schedule. Now, Joseph has a history of not quite telling the whole story...Morocco comes to mind, but that's a story for another day. Shortly after I talked with him, Allyn called to say he'd talked with him as well. Joseph sent a text message to Allyn telling him about a security breach in Denver as they were boarding. That's why the plane was delayed. They were shuffled here and there until the breach was addressed.

Okay, so it's probably a good thing I didn't know about it as it was happening, but it makes me wonder about other things he "isn't telling so Mom won't worry." This is the first day of my next five-year-worry plan.

I think I'll go find some cute baby pictures...

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Bearly Sane said...

Funny thing is Marlys, no matter how old they are, one always worries about one's children ... after all Joseph is your baby and he will always be. At least he tries not to worry you!