Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Online Bear Class

The past few weeks I've been busy with an online class with EbearZ UniveristyBasic Bear Boot Camp is a new class and offered for free...can't beat that price. Class was taught by Nancy Tillberg of Kran-Bearys. You can read all about it at EbearZU blog. I've been making bears for several years but Nancy has  some really great methods and techniques and I learned much easier ways to do some things. I especially enjoyed the videos provided with the written lesson.

If you haven't been by EbearZUniversity in a while, stop by and take a look. She's added many new classes and some new teachers, too.

Finished my bear today and will try to get pictures this week.


pussman said...

He is beatifull!
Maybe I should join!

Marlys Waggle said...

Thank you so much for your comment. You should take an online class from eBearZ. You would really enjoy it atmosphere and information you can collect. Nancy provides photos, videos and a place to ask questions and chat with other people taking the same class.