Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Travel Day

Well, I'm all packed and just waiting for Allyn to take me to the airport. I'm flying to the Bay Area today to help my daughter pack up her belongings and move home. We'll be U-Hauling it back to the desert, and hopefully, we'll be home by Sunday. It's a very, very long drive and I will be glad when it's over.

Ashley's tired of the big city and just needs to come home, regroup, re-energize, and decide if she wants to continue teaching, go to law school, or do something else entirely. She's taught elementary and middle school for 11 years, five of those being in a Bay Area middle school and it's been tough, especially the last couple of years.

So the puppies will be home alone with Allyn checking on them as he can during the day. They'll probably sleep all day if no one rings the doorbell.

Wish me luck...my daughter is a task master!


Vee said...

Maybe she will be so happy to have you there she will be more laid back... but just in case... GOOD LUCK Marlys..!!

Tell her we want you back here happy..so she better behave and take it easy!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Well, I hope everything goes well and she finds what she wants to do. Good luck to both of you!!!