Friday, February 15, 2008

More changes around here

Joseph is moving home. Yikes! Allyn and I are back where we started with two kids at home. We keep sending them out and they keep coming back.

To be fair, Joseph has been unable to find employment in the Chicago area and Becky, his roommate is moving back to Phoenix for personal reasons. And, the Waggle money tree has lost all its leaves. So they are making arrangements to have their belongings moved and will drive across the country in Becky's car and arrive in Phoenix at the end of the month just in time for her to start her new job on March 3. We'll meet Joseph in Phoenix and bring him home. These two desert kids are also a bit disenchanted with the mid-west weather, I think.

After Ashley finally moved out, and years later when Joseph went off to Cal, we made the two smaller bedrooms into guest rooms and I took over Joseph's larger room as my sewing/quilting room. Then Ashley moved back home and decided her bedroom was too small so we knocked out a wall and made the two small bedrooms one large room to give her space. I still had my sewing room. But, with Ashley's move home, it became "if I don't want it I'll throw it in mom's room" room; I have to find a path to my sewing machine. And now, it needs to become Joseph's bedroom again. So this weekend, Allyn and I are going to somehow find a place for my work table, sewing cabinet, two sewing machines, four bookcases, three file cabinets not to mention what's in and on those things, a closet full of crafting stuff, and a rolling rack holding unfinished quilting projects.

I'm wondering if this is some sneaky plan of my family to make me "get rid of so much stuff" they think I do not need. Of course, I love my kids dearly, but I think I'd prefer to downsize by having them find jobs and moving out on their own. And, Allyn and I would like to have our house back just for us, and Harley, of course. But what are parents for anyway?


Bonnie said...

Oh I do know where you are coming from. I don't know how many times our son moved out and back again. :) The daughter not so much. Once they have been out and come back it just isn't the same. I think we as parents kinda liked the peace and quiet and having the house to ourselves for once.;)
Much luck!!!

Marlys said...

Oh, Bonnie, thanks so much for your post. It's nice to know other parents recognize where we're coming from. Yes, I think it is the peace and quiet and calmness we will miss the most. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.