Monday, June 9, 2008

Maisie Update

Maisie is five months old now and growing so fast. She's very independent and head-strong and we all look pretty silly chasing her around the yard because she won't come to us. To her, it seems like playtime.

She's so different than our other Scotties, none of whom had formal training, but they learned all the words quickly and obeyed. Maisie and I attended our second obedience class last Saturday, along with 6 other dogs. We were both exhausted after more than an hour of our training. She was twisting around, whining, pulling on her leash, and rolling on the floor while the other dogs just sat there looking at her. And you should have seen the way the other parents were looking at me! She is the youngest of the group so that's our excuse.

We have "sit" down perfectly, but we don't "stay" or "down" or "come." More practice time is needed this week.

Maisie loves the water and she can make a terrible mess when the sprinklers are on. These pictures show her after the fun and after Joseph and I caught her.

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