Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We have a new puppy!

Maisie (1 year) and Rocco (5 months)

This is the first opportunity I've had to post about our new puppy and I've been so anxious to tell everyone about him. We had absolutely no intention of getting a new puppy, but Lisa of Afterglow Scottish Terriers practically forced me to take him. I tried to explain that this wasn't a good time financially (his name is Joseph) but Lisa said she knew he would have a good home with us and ask us to make her an offer. She was very, very generous to us so, of course, we went up to her home in Desert Hot Springs, about 30 minutes from us, to see the three puppies she had left. It was such a hard choice but we picked the smallest little boy and he is just so very sweet and loving. We picked him up on Saturday after Christmas.

Maisie is a beautiful, sweet little girl, but she is a bit high strung and a bit aloof. Rocco (Scotch on the Rocks) is just so sweet and very affectionate and he really keeps Maisie on the run. They play very well together. He learned to sit in record time and I have hope that he may learn other commands. I believe Maisie knows what they are; she just refuses to obey them.

Maisie and Rocco are half-siblings; they have the same father but different mothers. They look very much alike but Rocco has his mother's temperament and Maisie has her mother's temperament.

These photos were taken last Sunday after their grooming. Lisa's son, Robert, is a junior handler and also a groomer and he did a great job.


Laura Lynn said...

Maryls that is so wonderful!! You have certainly had your hands full :) Rocco is just beautiful! And LOL about it not your fault... we got 2 whippets that way :)

julietk said...

He's gorgeous and so is the little lady :D

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

They are so sweet! I have a Westie that I love dearly. This makes me want another puppy!

Hugs, Kelly