Monday, July 13, 2009

Fantasy & Fancy

Just want to tell you about a new blog by my friend Sandi Smith, Fantasy & Fancy. She hasn't yet told us what she has planned for this blog, but I know it will be something wonderful. Her first post, The Child Within, reminds us of the dreams and imagination of our childhood...something many of us tend to forget as we get older and busier. I will nurture my child within. Thanks, Sandi.

Visit Sandi's other blog...Bearly Sane -- Blog of a Bear Nut.


Bearly Sane said...

Thank you so much Marlys for adding this to your blog. Here I was popping by to see what you've been up too ... and I see mischief of the nicest kind! XXX

Marlys said...

You are so welcome, Sandi. Funny you should say you were checking up on my mischief...

My Facebook Fortune yesterday was,"Be mischievious and you will not be lonesome."

Hugs, Marlys

Bearly Sane said...

Check these out when you get a chance Marlys.
"Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls" by Maureen Carlson and "How to draw and paint a Fairyland" by Linda Ravenscroft, available at Barnes and Noble.
Don't know if there is any inspiration between the pages or not, but could be worth a look!

Marlys said...

Thanks, Sandi; I will. Visiting my daughter this week and she has my days planned. I appreciate the information, though.