Friday, July 10, 2009

Swap Bears

This is Emma from a new line called Puppy Grrls. She's even cuter in person than in the photo.

Nancy Dontigney is the artist behind Puppy Grrls and Dog Patch Critters. She has a wonderful imagination and all of her pieces have a happy and whimsical look about them. I've wanted one of Nancy's critters for some time and I recently asked if she'd consider a swap with me.

She just happened to be working on a new line that she thought I would like, but she wanted it to be a surprise and wouldn't tell me anything about it. Emma arrived last week and I was overjoyed with her especially since we are currently owned by two wheaten Scottish Terriers and previously had our own little Emma Girl. She seemed to be created just for me.

Patrick was Nancy's choice of my bears and he now lives happily in sunny Florida with Nancy and all the Dog Patch Critters.

Thanks, Nancy, for being open to a swap. I love my little Puppy Grrl.


Bearly Sane said...

That's what you call a perfect swap Marlys...everyone's happy!!!

julietk said...

Adorable Puppy grrl and so is Patrick
great idea too.

merilyn said...

I have a real soft spot for dogs, I have 4 myself, I mean real ones. Just love this cutie.
fuzzy hugs Merilyn

Rufnut Teds said...

What a lovely surprise, he is gorgeous, congrats.

Raggy Rat said...

swaaping is such fun, i love to do it and im jealous of both of you, with this swap !

cat xxx