Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Weekend Ahead

Marlys - Kindergarten

I am so excited! I am attending my 45th-year high school reunion; the 30-year was the last one I was able to attend and I can't wait to see everyone. Facebook has brought me together with old school friends and I have so enjoyed connecting with everyone again after so long.

Judi - 4th Grade

Judi and I go all the way back to kindergarten. We live on opposite ends of the state so we decided it would be more fun to leave the guys home and be each other's date for the reunion. We're bringing yearbooks, school journals and more. I'm bringing the wine and she's bringing the glasses and we plan to have a terrific time.


Bearly Sane said...

Go have fun Marlys ... be a kid again, it will do you good.
I expect photos and a report when you get back!!! LOL!!
Warmest Hugs,
P.S. Thanks for your comments on the Teddy Apron Tutorial.

Bramblewood Bears said...

Have fun at your reunion!
Bear Hugs,
Bramblewood Bears

Mima's Bears said...

Your bound to have a great time, loved your kindy photo !

Dawn said...

So how was it? Photos, we want photos! I lived near Monache. Where did you go? Hope you had a good time.

Marlys Waggle said...

Thanks, everyone. I had a terrific time seeing old friends. Everyone there said it was the best reunion ever.

I forgot my camera so I'm waiting til a couple people send me their photos. But I will definitely post when I get them.

The only sad thing is that the town is nothing like it was when we were growing up...can't go home again.

Oh, and Judi is a hair dresser in Northern California. Friday night she took her scissors to my hair and it's really short and I love it.

Nancy said...

Hi Marlys! Your photos are SO cute! Hope you had a great time at your renunion!

nancy t

Dawn said...

Hope you are doing okay. I'd love to hear how your reunion went.

bensonbear said...

So where are the pics Marlys. We wanna see the new do!

the lady loves bears said...

Hi Marlys

pop over to my Dollys2 blog and pick up your Blog award.